1. What is BagsHotel?
2. How does this work?
3. Who are Partners?
4. Can I leave/pick up my luggage whenever I want?
5. Can I come to your Partner and just leave my bags without making a reservation on your website?
6. How can I know my luggage is safe with you?
7. How can I pay for leaving my bag with you?
8. I cannot find the answer I am looking for, how can I get help?
9. I’m late! What if your Partner is closed when I come to pick up my bags?
10. What kind of luggage do you accept? Does my shopping bag count same as my big luggage?
11. Are my belongings insured?
12. Are you going to look into my stuff while I am gone?
13. What’s the price for keeping my bags with you?
14. Can I cancel my order and get a refund? I changed my mind.
15. I just need to come and pick up one thing from my bag that I forgot. Can I do that?
16. Do you offer anything besides keeping my luggage safe?