BagsHotel Privacy Policy

At BagsHotel privacy of our users is very important to us. In this document we will explain how we collect your information and how we use it.


Collecting Information

User - Provided Information:

When you are registering and using our services we may collect your name, email address, your current location, phone number, social networks info (if you register via social networks) and credit card info.

Automatically Collected Information:

During your usage of our services we may collect from you: IP address, what kind of device you use (mobile or desktop), operating system, the way how you use our website by collecting your behavior data, your current location. A lot of this info is collected via Google Analytics.


Cookies are small files that are being automatically sent between a website and your device of use. They uniquely identify your Internet browser.


How we use your information

User - Provided Information:

We use information that you provided with a goal in mind to offer you an unique experience. Also, without your basic info we are not able to give you an adequate service.

Automatically Collected Information:

We collect this information with intent to collect statistics about our userbase. With these statistics we are able to see what our users do and do not like about the website and what is our average user like in order to provide best user experience.


Like mentioned above, cookies are small files that lets us see your specific browser as a unique visitor. By using this info we can provide you with the best service possible. If you wish you can always turn off cookies in your Internet browser settings. While this can worsen your experience on our website you will be still able to use our services.


Sharing your information

BagsHotel is amending that it will never sell your info to any third parties or misuse it. Therefore, we have to share some specific info with third parties such as:



In order for you to get an adequate service we have to share with our partners following info:


Email address

Phone number



By paying for our services via card we will have to share card info with our Bank in order to get your card processed.

In case you are not feeling comfortable with this you can always contact us via chat or email and request to pay the service in cash.



We will have to abide by every local and international laws of countries where is BagsHotel located, country of our Partner or your (User’s) country of origin. If they ask us to give your info that you provided us with we will have to comply with the request.


Seeing what info we have about you

If you want to review all info that we have about you please do not hesitate to contact us via email with your request. Please give us up to 30 days to get back at you with your information (as GDPR time limit but we will give our best to deliver you an email as soon as possible).

In case you want us to delete all or some parts of your data from our system we will comply with your request but we may not be able to provide you with the service.